not THAT cheap BUT NOW for the lazy: V2 – automatic hotend nozzle cleaner / brush

I know, we are all lazy! So I designed it for the comfort we need 😉

This is version 2 of my cheap automatic cleaner brush:

usability-update, 3 months later: looks like new. no heat-damage to the brushes. highly recommended!

This time you will get the same convenient automatic cleaning of your nozzle, but now you can pay 5$ to save you an hour of DIY-hacking-time.

  • Buy a pack of 12 Nylon-brushes for 5$ on ebay
  • Put each of them into the printed mount
  • Mount the whole assemble and adjust it to the prefered position (it should just touch the nozzle and not the heaterblock)
  • write a START-Gcode to move the hotend all accross the mounted brush
  • Be happy with a clean hotend