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noun[ S or U ] (UK usually fetishisation) UK / fet.ɪʃ.aɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/ US / fet̬.ɪʃ.əˈzeɪ.ʃən/

an unreasonable amount of importance that is given to something, or an unreasonable interest in something

I think there has been a fetishization of tools in my case.

René Jurack ca. 2016

If you’ve watched some of my videos, you’ve probably noticed that I use very specialized and mostly premium tools proudly.

I realize that I’m extremely fortunate to have access to all the tools that I currently have, but this hasn’t always been the case. I don’t come from a electrician or even 3D-printing background 😉 and my dad didn’t have tools like this. Like most of you, I’ve been building my tool collection slowly, for about the last 10-15 years.

Since I’m always asked about them, I’ve made a little list here of all the tools that I think are particularly good or usefull or I extremely enjoy using.

All listed things are my personal recommendations and used by me regularly.

I do have bought all of the listed tools by myself, with my own hard earned money. There is no sponsoring and I will only list tools that I use and like.
The links to the listed tools will provide a small commission to me, this way you can support me and my work without it costing you anything extra. If you don’t like supporting me, just copy&paste the name of the tool to your preferred search engine.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business:


Carhartt Legacy 100822 Tool Roll

I call it my “small deployment purse

This one is one of my all time favorites. This tool roll serves so many functions! It keeps my tools organized and tucked away, I can take a known arrangement with me immediately, rolled out flat serves as a spot to throw the tools to during operation, so there is just “one place” to look for the tool you need again.
Sure it can’t contain EVERYTHING, but the compilation of tools on the left is my “works 99% of the time” setup – My goto tool setup for the first attack on a problem.

Product link: (referral)


Knipex – 86 05 150
Wrench Pliers and a wrench in a single tool

I like the flat gripping jaws that always grip parallel without leaving marks, replacing most wrenches. These pliers come in different sizes, grips and finishes, I own the 2 smallest sizes, the chrome-plated ones with multi-compound grips, that are 150mm and 180mm in length. The 180mm version is probably the most versatile size overall for everyday use.

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Knipex – 03 06 200
Multi-purpose pliers – cuts hard stuff

Belongs to my basic equipment. And I like the larger 200mm version, because I rather tackle the rougher tasks with these pliers. And when I need to cut harder material like steel or the like, I always use these pliers, not e.g. the Diagonal Cutter.

Product link (180mm): (referral)
More Info (deeplink):…

Knipex – 26 16 200
big and strong needle nose pliers

Belongs to my basic equipment. Needed if my fingers are too weak or too big for the job.

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Knipex – 95 16 165
cable shear – cuts copper like butter

If you need to cut cables and wires, you will love this one. It cuts through cables like butter and leaves clean, straight and sharp cable ends. Such smooth cutting, you want to cut every cable into thousand short pieces 😀

Product link: (referral)
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Knipex – 70 06 180
diagonal cutter – cuts everything else

Cuts the rest that the previous pliers do not take. And the pointed tip can nibble into material.

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Special Purpose Pliers

Knipex – 97 62 145A
Crimping Pliers for wire ferrules

For crimping wire ferrules in the range from 0.25 up to 2.5 mm².
When I need to crimp a lot in one take, I reach for my beloved KNIPEX Multicrimp, but this crimper is slim, light and much more affordable. Perfect to put into the tool roll and the occasional crimp job.

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Weidmüller Stripax® – 728640/6
Stripping tool with automatic self-adjustment

I love this particular one. This one is 10+ years old and IMHO a tad better than the newer versions made by Weidmüller, which are still pro-tools!
And don’t buy the uncomfortable “pistol-type” versions!

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digital – non Contact

Well, it works and it costs like 10€. It’s clearly price-motivated. Do I need to say more?
Needed to measure RPM, like for the ASMBL-Tool

Product link: (referral)
Product link: (referral)
More Info: It’s the cheapest one that works for me, no further info

digital USB microscope
digital – non Contact

This kind of microscope is probably the most generic there is. It comes in multiple brand names, but all more or less equally cheap in the end.
The important part: the remote integrated in the USB-cable. Don’t buy a version without this remote. It does cost ~25€ and for what it’s worth, it works good.

Needed for nozzle inspection or (automated) XY-offset adjustment, like TAMV.

Product link: (referral)
More Info: It’s the cheapest one that works for me and many others, no further info


WAGO 221
splicing all sorts of connectors

God I love ’em. These connectors can connect massive, flexible, tinned and crimped wires, 0VAC/DC up to 200VDC/ 400VAC all together, connecting basically everything! Operations without tools. Connect and disconnect even mains wires safely with just your thumb. Did I say I love ’em already?

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