E3D’s Toolchanger – printable Tool Plate

For quick prototyping, you are probably in need of a blank tool plate. And with this design, you can easily print a fully functional replacement. The difference to the original design is, that this is made to be 3d-printed. The plate is adjusted for snap in 8mm stealballs, the ramp is designed as interlocked part and as a seperate “on the printbed” STL, so you can print it with a smaller layerheight easily, while maintaining big and strong layers for the plate.

I showed some examples in the introduction of E3D Toolchanger Assembly 04 – Tools:

Sure, it probably isn’t as stiff as the genuine aluminium plate when printed out of PLA, but it will work flawlessly for prototyping or proof of concept. Or even as a base of a design that changes the plate or ramp itself.


2-piece STL – print the ramp with a layerheight of 0.1mm or less to acchieve best toolchange-results. The plate can be printed with thick layers for strength. The parts are designed interlocking, so the ramp can’t be pulled out by the holding-mechanism.

8mm ballbearing balls needed – these are very cheap at the 100’s at ebay or aliexpress.


As a Patreon, you can download all the files here:

As a Patron, you can download the fan ducts here:
Download Hemera fan duct (Patreon Content)

Or download them for a small contribution on:

User builds:

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