watercooled coldend

The water cooling for the DICE was very well received. The DICE was, for example, featured on hackaday.io as “sexiest Tiny Metal Core-XY 3D Printer”, Thomas Sanladerer wants to build one and various “big player” from the 3d-printing scene have contacted me and we are going to make some very interesting things in the future. You should be curious!

water cooled heatsink that is a direct replacement for the stock heatsink of the E3D-V6

Why is the feedback so great? Probably because, let me quote: “it’s the first good-looking cooling solution I saw in a long time”.

Even so good-looking that, e.g. Vincent from www.the-sparklab.de joins the hypetrain ( https://www.facebook.com/thesparklab ) or even E3D-online is going to release something very similar, just a bit more designed for the general market (But I can’t say more, that would be telling)

In the meantime, I would like to do something for the community again. So I started a thread in the reprap.org-Forum ( link ), to tinker together over a cost-effective and generally implementable water cooling for hotends. I did two very different suggestions, so that one can build on something.

On the one hand according to a similar principle as the cooling from the DICE:There are no images in the gallery.

On the other hand a method, already shown on thingiverse by Juha Koljonen ( link / http://jkoljo.kapsi.fi), utilizing the watercooling from modelling motors:


Unfortunately the resonance was rather restrained (read on here: link ), and I had to do it all alone in the end.

I stuck with the modelling watercooling because of it’s cheapness and ease to implement

The printed prototype worked well, so I wrote to various manufacturers in China and after many price comparisons ordered a sample order of 10 pcs. The other part is called “cooling jacket” and can be bought at gearbest or aliexpress for 5€.

interactive CAD view:
water cooled heatsink