Automatic adjustable brush

Upgrade your Toolchanger with an automatic adjusting brush!

In the related Tutorial from the series “Toolchanger Upgrades”, I explain how an additional axis in the printer can be used to clean tools of different lengths with the same brush.

Used scripts and files:

In the tutorial I show many changes to macros and scripts. All files shown are available for download at the end of this article.

printed parts of the brush:

The original Design is from Gregory L Holloway from E3D-online. He posted his design back in july 2019 and it is the source of serveral remixes since.

Of course, I also remixed Gregs design to my liking. Most of the changes are for easier printability and I added some parameters to be parametric, so that some important measurements, like the cutout for the brush, can be easily adjusted to the size of your brush. Also, I added a soft PTFE-wiper for even better wiping. You can find the link to my design at the end of this article. I include the sourcefiles like Fusion360 and STEP aswell.

printed cable duct:

To feed the motor wires somewhat covered to the back of printer, you can use the cable duct shown in the video. This way, all the wires are protected and organized. The duct clamps directly to the NEMA17 from beneath without tools or additional hardware and can be removed easily, too.
I designed the cable duct, so that is is really easy to print, with only 2 perimeters and features that 3D-printing has no hassle with. You can use a little bit of support for the openings to make them look cleaner than just bridging across.

print setting recommendations:

  • align the bridging direction so that the tracks span across
  • for me, I do 2 perimeters, 5 top&bottom at 0,2layerheight
  • extrusionwidth at 0.4 to 0.48 works best for the walls

Additional parts and tools used:



As a Patron, you can download the cable duct and makros & files here:
Download cable duct (Patreon Content)

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